Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Unlock New Idea Netsetter Huawei E303D (fake solution)

Now a days there are many Idea E303D Netsetter available in Indian market because of they cant be unlocked yet. Idea has launched it before some month, i have posted the photos (E303D Album) on our Facebook fan page  and got many comments asking about its unlocking solution and i told them that will work on it and find some solution here i have listed the procedure which i had tried to unlock the E303D.

Unlocking E303D Using The Unlock Code :-

When i had tried to enter the unlock code generated using huawei new algo as well as old algo it Failed Shows Unlock Code Sent ……Error.

Unlocking E303D Using The DC Unlocker:-

I had tried To unlock the netsetter using the well known DC-Unlocker but its also not worked and i just had conversion with the dc unlocker team but they also have refused that there is no solution for the E303D yet.

Unlocking E303D Using The Firmware Update:-

I had also tried to update the E303D with the other compatible modems firmware as we was unlocking the Idea E1550 in old days but it has also failed and shows “This Firmware Is Not Compatible”  had tried  E303 Origional Firmware, E303 Hi-link Frimware but nothing worth.

Unlocking E303D Using The Downgraders  :-

I had also tried the downgraders unlocking method which we were using for the Idea E1732 Netsetter unlocking but it has also failed

E303D Unlocking Note:-
I had written this post just to guide the readers that there are many fake solution regarding the E303D Unlock is available on net but the face is that there is no kind of unlocking solution available yet for idea e303D netstter and yah the flashing using J-Tag is also not working with the E303D. The idea cellular distributors are having a much stock of the e303D and they are selling it  in the chip rates but i suggest you that don’t buy that device the because that will not be unlocked.

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